Architectural Design & Guidelines

Below is our architectural design guidelines summary.

1.0 Purpose of Building Requirements

These Building Requirements have been prepared to ensure that each home constructed within The Grange Country Estates Subdivision has architectural characteristics with other homes within The Grange Country Estates and ensure that each home is situated in a location and is constructed at a compatible height with respect to neighbouring homes. The landscaping requirements will ensure that all lots have planting materials that enhance the overall appearance of the neighbourhood.

2.0 Enforcement of Requirements

Each Owner in The Grange Country Estates Subdivision must review and agree to conform to, and be bound by, the Building Requirements prior to buying a Lot in The Grange Country Estates.


3.0 Building Site and Home Size Requirements

3.1 Siting and Setbacks

The siting and setbacks of the improvements shall comply with the recommendations of the Design Consultant.

3.2 House Size

Minimum house sizes are as follows:

House Style Minimum Square Footage
Bungalow 1,800
2 Storey 2,450


3.3 Lot Grading, Drainage & Sewage

Lot grading must respect and adapt to the existing topography of the land to the full extent practical. There shall be no interference with or alteration of the established drainage patterns of any lot within the subdivision unless approved by the Developer and the Strathcona County. Established drainage patterns are defined as the drainage patterns which exist upon the completion of the subdivision. There shall be no blockage of the drainage patterns from one lot to the adjacent lot.


4.0 New Home and Garage Requirements

4.1 General Conditions:

4.1.1 Professional Site Investigation

the Lot Owner shall engage competent and qualified professionals to investigate sub-surface conditions on the proposed building location of the Owner’s Lot.

4.1.2 Single Dwelling

Only one single family dwelling shall be erected on each lot, and no house shall be constructed on any part of the lands without a standard basement or without a paved, concrete or other dust free driveway.

4.1.3 On Site Construction

All homes in The Grange Country Estates shall be constructed “on site” using conventional construction practices. Manufactured, mobile and modular construction shall not be permitted in any circumstance whatsoever.

4.1.4 Encroachments

Construction materials, including excavated materials, are to be confined within the limits of each lot and shall not spill over onto adjoining lots or property or onto any public way or other land.

4.1.5 Prior Approvals

No construction or development of any sort shall be undertaken on any Lot without advance approval from the Design Consultant and Strathcona County.

4.1.6 Signs

No semi-permanent or permanent sign, poster, display, billboard or other advertising device of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any lot or anywhere in the subdivision.

4.1.7 Tree Removal

Tree retention is strongly encouraged to maintain the natural old growth forest to the extent possible.

4.2 Architectural Styles

The Grange Country Estates Subdivision promotes the individuality of expression through design “Period” housing such as: “Tudor”, “Victorian”, “Southwestern”, etc. The finished product must be consistent with current trends and materials. All houses must incorporate at least a double attached garage as part of the overall design.


4.3 Design Requirements:

4.3.1 Elevations and Entrances

Front elevations shall be prioritized with respect to the overall proportionate massing of the exterior elements. The use of “trim” elements such as brick or stone; 6” trims (minimum) around doors and windows, as well as canopy roofs are all strongly encouraged. Front entrances are to create an expression, therefore, an entry width of a minimum eight feet is strongly encouraged.

4.3.2 Roof

A minimum 7/12 roof is required. Roofs over garages should be primarily “hip” oriented in nature as the “main-frame”; gable roofs, Dutch gables, and Dutch hip roofs should be of a secondary nature. An alternative roof pitch may be considered at the discretion of the Consultant.

4.3.3 Windows

Main floor elevations shall be set appropriately above grade so that basement window wells are avoided. Double-hung, awning, or casement window use is preferred; the use of slider type windows shall be discouraged.

4.3.4 Height

The land use bylaw of Strathcona County stipulates that the maximum building height shall not exceed 10 metres (32.8 feet) or 2½ stories.

4.3.5 Finishes

Front elevation field material shall consist of (or any combination thereof): Sand float only or acrylic stucco, Brick or stone veneer, or Hardboard siding.

4.3.6 Other Detailing

Additional detailing features are encouraged. These may include: Shutters, Planters, covered porches that wrap to the side elevation, and/or appropriately sized roof and canopy columns.

4.3.7 Garage Features

The primary vehicle entrance elevation of a triple car garage should be broken up into at least 2 separate planes with a combination of a double overhead door on one wall, and a single door on the other.

4.3.8 Driveway

All access driveways to the home shall be at a minimum of asphalt paving. Other acceptable materials are plain or stamped concrete, exposed aggregate concrete and or paving stones.


5.0 Landscaping & Streetscape Requirements

5.1 Repetition

No repetition of identical houses or intentional similar external house appearances shall be allowed within 5 adjacent lots or directly across of each other.

5.2 Landscaping

Landscaping plans are to be submitted to the Design Consultant for approval, and should reflect every effort to retain existing mature trees and vegetation outside of the proposed building and yard envelope.

5.3 Fencing

It is not recommended that front yard fences be implemented, yet where proposed, all front yard fences are subject to review and approval by the Design Consultant and Strathcona County.

5.4 Lighted Driveway and Address

Each Lot Owner shall construct a lighted address feature compatible with the design, specification and location map to be provided by the Developer.

5.5 Equipment, Accessory Buildings & Maintenance

Trailers, boats, commercial vehicles, recreational equipment and other similar objects on a Lot are required to be stored out of sight. Accessory Buildings, if permitted by the County, are restricted to the side or rear yard, located with due consideration of the neighbour.

5.6 Protection of Development Infrastructure

The Lot Owner shall be fully responsible to repair any damage to roadways, swales, service connections, boulevard landscaping or driveways within the public Right of Way, as a result of the house construction, regardless of who causes the damage.


5.7 Appearance During Construction

At all times during construction the Lot Owner shall keep the Lot and all surrounding public and private lands clean and orderly.

5.8 Nuisances

No noxious or offensive activities shall be carried on in the subdivision, inclusive of the operation of noisy or smoky vehicles or any description.

5.9 Waste Management

No garbage, or other waste material shall be kept or permitted upon any lot, except in sanitary containers concealed from view.

5.10 Owner’s Maintenance Obligations

It shall be the duty of each owner, at their sole cost and expense, to maintain, repair, replace and restore all improvements located on his lot, and the boulevard shall be maintained in a neat, sanitary and attractive manner.

5.11 Community Control Group

The Developer may, in its sole and unfettered discretion, after 95% of the lots contained in The Grange are built on and occupied, transfer development control decisions and monitoring to a Community Control Group organized and appointed for that purpose by a majority of the Owners.

5.12 Miscellaneous

No part of the lands shall be used for depositing, dumping, burning or storing any refuse, garbage (including discarded, damaged or used building materials).

5.13 Noise

The lot owner shall conduct his outdoors activities so as not to disturb other residents. This shall include, but not be limited to, the playing of music.


6.0 Approval Process/Inspection/Deposits

6.1 Approval Process

Before applying to the County for a Development Permit, the applicant shall submit plans for approval of WINDWARD LANDTEC INC. Applications shall include the following:

a) Two complete sets of house plans;
b) Plot plan, prepared by Pals Surveys Ltd., showing lot house grades and drainage pattern, floor and garage elevations; and
c) Completed application form.
d) Colour / Product samples if required

6.2 Lot Purchase Inspection

The purchaser will be responsible for damages to infrastructure servicing and amenities on and surrounding the lot.


6.3 Performance Deposit

A performance deposit in the amount of $5,000 per lot or a letter of credit in the amount of $5,000 per lot is due upon payout of the lot. The deposit will be retained by the developer, without interest, to cover any deficiencies or infractions relating to architectural adherence, landscaping adherence or subdivision damages.

6.3.1 Architectural Adherence

The purchaser must construct and finish the house as per the plans approved by Windward Landtec Inc. Windward Landtec Inc. must also be notified of any changes that occur to the approved house plans during the course of construction.

6.3.2 Landscaping Adherence

The purchaser and /or Builder must complete all front and rear yard landscaping as per the plans approved by Windward Landtec Inc.

6.3.3 Performance Deposit Return

A return of $5,000 of the performance deposit will be released to the purchaser upon satisfactory completion of the house as per the architectural approval.


7.0 Conclusion

7.1 Severability

If any provision herein is determined to be voided or unenforceable in whole or in part, it shall not be deemed to affect or impair the enforceability or validity of any other provision or any part thereof.

7.2 Liability

The Developer, Land Owner and/or the Design Consultant assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided or from any losses or damages resulting from its use. Nothing contained within these Requirements shall impose any liability on the Developer or the Consultant, for damages of any kind, consequential or otherwise, resulting from structural defects, drainage, the determination of lot boundaries, the location of the home, the location of trees, the appearance of any home or lot, the failure or appearance of retaining walls, the colour of any home, or any zoning by-law infractions.


7.2 Registration and Enforcement

These Building Requirements and Related Matters are intended to run with the land and will be registered on the title to all lots by way of a Restrictive Covenant.